Finding an LGBT Bar Near Me

When it comes to finding an LGBT bar near me, you can’t go wrong with Sports Bars. The colorful decor and attractive bartenders attract a diverse crowd. You can enjoy daily two-for-one happy hour, a large selection of beers, and pub-style fare. The location also offers a coat check in the winter. For more than thirty years, this Manhattan LGBT bar has been a favorite meeting spot for gay men and lesbians.

For a night of fun with friends and good drinks, head to Henrietta Hudson in Brooklyn. The bar, part of the Lesbian Bar Project, has been serving up cocktails to a diverse audience for years. Although the bar is casual during the week, it will transform into an open-air dancefloor during Pride Month. Ticket prices include an open bar, and 10 percent of the proceeds will benefit a local queer non-profit.

The Lesbian Bar Project started as a fund-raiser for gay bars in New York, but soon spread to other states. They raised $117,504 for remaining gay bars. Many lesbian patrons still feel that investing in the LGBT bar scene is crucial to their social lives. However, it is important to note that the Lesbian-run establishments in New York City are not owned by lesbians.

If you’re looking for an LGBT bar near me, you can look at 2020. The gay bar is a popular spot for the LGBTQ community. They host weekly and monthly events. Some of the most interesting events at the 2020 include a trivia contest, dress-up party, and an artist-themed night. You can also play pool at the bar, which has a pool table. And it’s free to enter, so you don’t have to worry about paying. The venue is open to everyone, and you’ll be able to feel safe in your skin.

If you’re looking for an LGBTQ bar near me, the Eddie Valentin Lounge is an excellent place to start. It opened in 1989 and has become a favorite for the gay community. Its atmosphere is uplifting and friendly. It’s a great place to meet new people and celebrate your LGBTQ lifestyle. Many patrons feel that their local LGBT bar is essential. You should support them! You can join the Lesbian Bar Project!

Among the many LGBTQ bars in NYC, Henrietta Hudson is a “Queer Human Bar Built by Lesbians” and is one of 20 lesbian-owned bars across the country. While the atmosphere is casual and laid-back during the week, the bar reopens its dance floor during the Pride month. The open bar and live music make the atmosphere a memorable experience. And it’s open to everyone.

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