Venus Veil – A Sexual Health Blanket

“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” exposed the phony marketing of the sexual health blanket. In a segment that reached a few thousand people on TV. The comedian pimped the ‘Oliver’s Venus Veil’ to local news stations.

The company that produces the blanket, Venus Inventions, is another scam. Its webpage is full of fake mythology, while its marketing claims it uses magneto-genetics (a concept developed in Germany 80 years ago). The blanket’s website even has an actress who promotes the’sexual health blanket’ as an ‘all natural sexual wellness product’. Although the product has no proven benefits, it’s a popular option among celebrities and television hosts.

KTVX is another phony company that is promoting the ‘Venus Veil’ as a’sexual health blanket’. The network hired an actress to sell the blanket on the show. Which is a common ploy for getting free publicity. However, the company’s website is a complete fraud. A quick Google search will reveal that the manufacturer has a fake website and a pitchman who sells the product.

The company behind the ‘Venus Veil’ tries to confuse the public with their bogus sexual health blanket. The product costs $879. The sales team also paid an actress to promote the product on local news stations. And the Salt Lake City ABC affiliate. Despite the fact that the company’s products are not real. The misleading advertising claims have put the consumer in a situation where they need to be careful.

The blanket is a’sexual enhancement’ blanket, but is it really effective? The product’s claims were utterly ridiculous. As a result, the host of Last Week Tonight and her team decided to hire an actress to promote the product.

The ‘Venus Veil’ was created by the host of Last Week Tonight. It is a false product that is being marketed as a sexual enhancement blanket. The company claims that its ‘Venus Veil’ is a medical product that can help women achieve erections. In reality, the blanket is a regular blanket, and it does not actually make any real difference. It is an incredibly expensive’sexual health’ device that’s a scam.

Many women, however, are still unaware that their ‘Venus Veil’ was just a scam. In fact, the blanket had little to do with the product’s intended purpose.

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